~Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen~
1. The kitchen is used more than any other room and is considered to be the meeting place of the family.
2. If you plan to sell your home, remodeling the kitchen is important because it increases the value of your home.
3. A Kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and personal tastes, just like any other room in your house. If your kitchen was designed to meet a prior owners specific needs, you should remodel and make your kitchen correspond to you.

-Information Gathered from Crystal Cabinetry

      Before starting any project, keep in mind that no two jobs are the same and you should allow extra time for any unexpected delays, custom work, or setbacks. Some say to double the amount of the time estimated to get the actual timetable. The schedule presented below is a rough estimate based on a basic remodel job.

1-2 days to tear out existing fixtures, walls, floors, and appliances.
1 day each to alter electric wiring and plumbing.
2-5 days for framing.
4 days to add new plasterboard and tape it.
1 day to install new kitchen floor.
3-10 days to install new cabinets.
1-2 days for new fixtures and appliances.
1 day for plumber to install sink, dishwasher, etc.
2-3 days for light fixtures and wall coverings.

-From Remodeling Magazine, June/July '95

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~Pointers On Remodeling~

      Being that the kitchen is used most often, it should be convenient, functional, have ample storage, and reflect your lifestyle as well as your personal interests. You should consider the following before and while seeing your dealer.

1. Know how much you can spend before you begin planning.
2. Make sure everyone is involved in planning so you can have a functional space that is compatible with your lifestyle.
3. Create your kitchen to be attractive, comfortable and well-equipped.
4. Avoid props that are expensive and not easy to use.
5. Chose a cabinet style you want and make sure it will fit the pre-existing styles of your home.
6. Make sure you have enough counter space in the appropriate places.
7. To make the most of your storage, use vertical pullouts, roll-outs, carousels, open shelving, and divided drawers.
8. A recycling center inside the cabinetry is a good option for the environmentally minded.
9. Have counters and workstations vary in height according to tasks that will be done there.
10. A multi-level island or peninsula is a good way to separate the cooking area from the eating area.
11. Make sure there is proper lighting in high use areas.
12. Include multiple outlets for smaller appliances.
13. Place the microwave at a height that is accessible to everyone in your family.
14. Keep your cooking style in mind when buying and placing your appliances.
15. Design your kitchen to keep people traffic away from the preparation area.

-Information Gathered from Crystal Cabinetry
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